Master Symposiu: Womxn In Motion

1./3. Semester

07. - 09.10.2020

10.00-12.30 / 13.30 - 16.30

Digital participation possible please register.


Universität / Haute École
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Institut Kunst
Prof. Chus Martinez, Quinn Latimer and Guests such as Pauline du Jardin, Victoria Sin, Camille Henrot, Himali Singh, Pan Dajin, Ingela Ihrmann, Davide Christelle Sanvee, Tabita Rezaire
Content description

Performing Social Justice - A three day symposium moderated by Quinn Latimer and Chus Martinez.

Please notice that we are not certain all guests will be there in person. However, we will find digital forms and formats for participants to contribute.

A very important subject from the beginning on these series of seminars is the possibility to reach total inclusion, equality, a language that serves the purpose of love and respect, the agency of values that produce the emergence of a different social. Performance has been historically trying to become a media where the push against the bounds of gender can be exercise. Presence, voice, movement are serving many artists to reflect in unprecedented ways on how to create space and a language to address in their own terms trans and/or nonbinary identities, but also to highlighting the work of cisgender women.

The symposium willl give us all the opportunity to experience the performance practice of the artists invited, but also to hear them reflect on how has emerged, how it evolves and the challenges performance still experiences in being included in certain contexts. Also, we will be talking about the relation with technology, social media, video and the way they create more accessibility and yet how this is different from the experience of the physical body.


Students are expected to read the materials that will be distributed beforehand; to actively participate in the discussion; to research and look after examples of the subjects exposed in the symposium in their immediate context; to be attentive at the cultural and contextual differences that exist in the different countries.