Topic event: Measuring the World – Cartography of Colors

Spring semester 2022

4 march / 29 april / 27 may

10h00 – 16h30

Hochschule der Künste Bern, Schwabstrasse 10, 3018 Bern

Universität / Haute École
Hochschule der Künste Bern
Yvonne Graefe
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Measuring the World – Cartography of Colors
Class: max. 12 persons
Language: English

Where do we come from and how does that impact our art? Who is our audience in a world where art can be distributed globally via video and installation? What characterizes our city, how does it influence us? The city’s material boundaries, buildings, streets, infrastructure, the living space of our room – it all defines us. Our view of these spaces is strongly influenced by traditional, rigid patterns.

What happens when we put a new, personal, sensual and fluid layer on top of these rigid patterns, the measuring points and streets, the borders and walls? When we overlay the material with the personal and creative? What if space is multi-layered - as multi-layered as society? Do national boundaries matter at all? Does it matter if I'm in Bern or somewhere else in the world or just in front of the screen in my room? We will map Bern anew and create temporary interventions, artistic maps, walks, films, radio features, sound installations, choreographies, ... there are no limits to the methodical implementation. We will get to know the city in a new way.