Seminar 2 - Art and Nature 2021

2. Semester

18. - 21. Mai 2021

09.30 - 12.30 / 13.30 - 16.30




Application deadline until: 07.05.2021

Universität / Haute École
Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Institut Kunst
Filipa Ramos & Guests
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Content description

There, where the sky begins

One day, not long ago. Pauline Julie invited me to join her at the beginning of the sky. She explained that she discovered where the sky begins by putting together a complex set of evidences where her children's own theories of the cosmos met ancient poetry, early meteorological films and modern sonic technologies. She said I should join her there as soon as possible, and I did.

This seminar revisits some of the places we encountered during our trip and creates an assembly of clouds - films, poems, sounds, figures .... Some are light and puffy like cotton candy, some heavy and thick like a woolen blanket and some and thin and rarefied, almost imperceptible. Some are joyful, some are grave some light and patchy others stormy and dense. Some describe the sky as a concrete entity, with its laws of physics and natural phenomena. Some look at the sky as the set for fluxes and transits of all sorts. Others see it a poetic figure, a place where dreams, hopes and longings belong. They all know where the sky begins and they told us about it. They may tell you about it too.

For the Spring Art and Nature seminar, Filipa Ramos and Swiss Artist Pauline Julier go There, where the sky begins. They will be accompanied by scientists, poets, filmmakers and other professionals whose experimental research modes have been shared by similar questions.


Your are expected to able to read on the matter, to reflect on how this issue is impacting the art world. Initiative in the dialogue and discussion in the classroom will be very positively evaluated as well as an active interest in connecting this issue with other questions that may interest you.