Master Symposium 2021

2. Semester

17. - 18.03.2021

10.00-12.30 / 13.30 - 16.30



Universität / Haute École
Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Institut Kunst
Prof. Chus Martinez, Quinn Latimer and Guests
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Going to the Limits of Your Longing

Once upon a time, or just a couple of decades ago, women artists from various and diverging geographies began to query and study the gap that has traditionally existed between artistic and non-artistic labor. As artistic labor came to be understood as increasingly more representative of society's functioning as a whole, and as the Internet developed into one of the main worksites for artistic production, presentation, and exchange (and thus became delimited in ways it never was before), new questions concerning the political dimensions of art and the role of the artist in contemporary society came to life.

It was in this moment that artistic research was cast and coined as a central concept, prior to art practice, prior to gender, prior to class, prior to race and racism, prior to labor. Research was the term applied to the act of inquiring into the postcolonial past, an inquiry whose very substance gave voice to the need to revise the fundaments of our unachieved and fragile democracies, their languages, tools, problems, legacies. Exhibitions became filled with archives, with documents of testimonies and documentaries of testifying moving images. Institutions suddenly saw the need to create collective collections - like the Former West curatorial research project, for example. It was the beginning of a transformation that, since then, has undergone many turns and many faces, but that remains at the core of understanding art as a practice that serves the social. To that end, we would like to dedicate this symposium to the memory of artist, curator, and researcher Marion von Osten and also revisit a crucial moment in our recent history of curating, researching and producing art in the name of social justice and equality.


Students are expected to read the materials that will be distributed beforehand; to actively participate in the discussion; to research and look after examples of the subjects exposed in the symposium in their immediate context; to be attentive at the cultural and contextual differences that exist in the different countries.