Economies of time and space in making a show spring 2013

printemps 2013

du 22 au 24 février 2013 à Zurich

Universität / Haute École
HEAD - Orientation Work.Master
Carissa Rodriguez
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Our three-day workshop will meet in Zurich due to the multiple exhibitions, events and activities taking place simultaneously and how they relate to our field of research and the students' art practices. Tobias Madison's Kunsthalle Zurich show especially is an exhibition as a work-in-progress and relates to collaborative practices. The idea is for the students to benefit from a firsthand engagement with the artworks and artists themselves, with me as mediator and instigator of questions. I think it could be fruitful and engaging to hold our workshops and conversations directly in the process of it all...

We will get a critical look at the institution itself– its curatorial choices, its focus on this particular social milieu or social network as well as the architecture of the institution and what kinds of work this encourages or discourages.

We will also look at how "performance" is used either as a liberating or neoliberal practice.

We will examine the economies of time and space in making a show, funding structures, attention spans, the import of street culture into the institution, the space of the show vs. the screen-space of the computer, among other topics.

We will discuss how artworks are made to be easily translatable into digital images to be consumed and distributed via social networks, we will discuss the Contemporary Art Daily effect on art-making and ask how artists and artworks feed this or resist this, with or without institutional support...





Feb. 22 - at Kunsthalle Zurich, tour with the artists Tobi Madison and crew, plus private class session (Topics: collaboration, insiderism, anonymitiy, "switzerland" and the cultivation of social milieu as art practice)

 Feb. 23 - at  ZHDK, presentation by Carissa Rodriguez : The mass ornament and strategies of artistic reproduction. Other presentations by Beatrix Ruf, Fabrice Stroun, Stefan Kalmar, Richard Birkett, John Beeson, Tobias Madison.

 Feb. 23 - at Longstreet or location to be announced, with Physical Therapy from New York (Topics: How is ubiquity aided by technology as it relates to popular music? How does this relate to practices in contemporary art?)

 Feb. 24 - at Karma International (Topics: exhibition strategy, internet curation, generational anxiety, memeing, viral objects)

 Feb. 24 - at AP News (Topics: Subcultures and collective cinema. With Amy Yao)