Where do we learn from?

Spring 2013

Start: march 4th 14:00, room 11b

until march 8th, 12:00

at HEAD - Geneva

9, Bd Helvétique

Universität / Haute École
HEAD - Orientation Work.Master
Rikke Luther and Cecilia Wendt
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Content description

The Labzone will deal with building related concepts. It will focus on site and place, form, aesthetics, material, history and economy.

The Labzone will put in to dialogue the conditions of the visible and audible.

The Labzone will be based on dialogues, walks, visits, interviews and
work as a critic-class in the sence that through the workshop we will
integrate the participants work and discuss it from the perspectives the Labzone are focusing on.

The Labzone will end up with accumulation in printed formats.

 Concepts of interests for the Labzone 2012:

* How do concrete symbolise the idelogy of modernisation, the identity of nations and how is the material an extremly important factor for economy growth

* Is it possible to talk about material made out of signals?

* How do materials and technologies changes our perceptions?

* What different ideologies have used the form of the sphere, from the French Revolution to the New Media consumer society

* The theme park and science park, a format that is used when building parks as Cern (Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire) and ESS (European Spallation Source)


 The Learning Site focuses on the local conditions in which its art practice is located. This entails a critical examination of the material resources and economies available within specific situations. Each situation may entail examination of economic and environmental factors, but also labor rights, property rights and the production and distribution of knowledge, which are investigated in tandem to produce a variety of different critical perspectives. Through working with art, we are working by learning.

Right now we are working on a house which is a loudspeaker. The house is built in the harbor district of Malmö, next to the transnationally constructed harbor district, CMP. From there it will be transported to the south of Stockholm, an area of the “one million program” from the sixties. A program of the welfarestate, built in concrete. It will be placed on an asphalt parking lot speaking into the space. Here after it will be moved to Lund on a truck, driving through the landscape to the new science park, that will be placed above ESS.

Science Parks are from a high-tech point of view, temporary places woven together with surrounding communities; landscape, labor, housing, schools, shops, streets. In Lund ESS will place the world's largest neutron cannon which is planned to be fully operated year 2020. It is estimated that after 12 years the technology is too old and new machines will be built elsewhere. On top of the neutron cannon a cityscape will be built.



Detailed infos on the pool-ch workshop are here.

in english.