Soren Andreasen // The Digital Condition and the Transvaluation of the Aesthetic

fall 2015


3 ou 6 selon convention semestrielle
Universität / Haute École
Soren Andreasen
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The experience of indirection
This workshop discusses the category experience in relation to the imaging technologies of prints and printing. A print, whether analogue or digital, merges the self-generative qualities of technology with the recording of visual information, synthesizing a multitude of origins and objectives. Reflections on this synthetic quality of prints and printing leads to questions of how imaging technologies affect experience and processes of self-formation, involving discussions of epistemology, automatism, neurology and aesthetics in a historical perspective. The workshop will be a combination of lectures/discussions and presentations of art work + a study trip to Le cabinet d’arts graphiques at the Musée d'art et d’histoire. For the presentations students are encouraged to bring and present digital print material, or projects, of their own.

Søren Andreasen (1964) is an artist based in Copenhagen. Recent exhibitions include Avantgarde Mecanique, PLU41, Berlin (2015), the real after psychedelia, CAC, Vilnius (2015), Literacy-Illiteracy, 16. Tallinn Print Triennale (2014), and Leisure, Discipline and Punishment, Contour 6, Mechelen (2013). Recent publications include the graphic pamphlet Will and Nerve Force in relation to Symbolic Culture, Space Poetry (2013), and, with Lars Bang Larsen, the book The Critical Mass of Mediation, Internationalistisk Ideale (2012/2014). Held the position of Associate Professor at The Jutland Art Academy (2004-2010).


meeting monday 10am

room "micro édition" (4th floor)


HEAD - Encyclopédie

route de l'encyclopédie 5

1201 Genève


other days will be at Boulevard Helvétique