Show & Tell

Printemps 2016

Du 22 au 24 février 2016

3 (ou 6), selon convention semestrielle
Universität / Haute École
Philip Matesic
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The “Show & Tell” symposium will offer a platform for students to teach other students something they already know. To quote Jacques Rancière, “Essentially, what an emancipated person can do is be an emancipator: to give, not the key to knowledge, but the consciousness of what an intelligence can do when it considers itself equal to any other and considers any other equal to itself.”

This dynamic skill sharing could be something practical, something theoretical or something situational (taking place outside), such as a specific walk through the city. Below are the requirements.  

1. Think PRACTICAL. Workshop something specific you know personally or related to your art practice. Examples: “Canning Vegetables” or “Basic Video Editing”.    

2. Think THEORETICAL. Present and lead a discussion about something related to you personally or your art practice. Example: “The History of Motorcycle Jackets” or “Understanding Foucault’s ‘History of Sexuality’ in 15 minutes"  

3. Think SITUATIONAL. Lead a walk, focusing on a specific place or detailed observations in the city. Examples for walks: “The Three Best Bakeries in Geneva” or “Park Bench Architecture throughout Geneva"     

Three rooms will be made available for the “Show & Tell” pool: two rooms at the HEAD and one at the art space “Edicule Art'Lib”. Also the city itself. Please keep this in mind when preparing. Each room will be equipped with a beamer, speakers, chairs and tables. When preparing your workshop, presentation or walk know that the other Trans-Master students need to be actively involved, as you teach them something specific you already know. 


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