The Kingdom of Fools (nur für Studierende, welche auch schon den ersten Teil im HS 2014/15 besucht haben)

FS 2015

The course will meet regularly on Wednesdays as well as on several additional days for set up and take down of the exhibition. Exact dates and times are yet to be decided.

Daten Ausstellung: 07.05. - 10.05.2015

Universität / Haute École
Institut Kunst HGK FHNW
Dawn Nilo
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The Kingdom of Fools – exhibit and performance event
(A one week exhibition with a 24 hour performance (or several 2–4 hour performances), to be held sometime between February and May 2015 depending on location availability.)

This will be an event by artist Dawn Nilo, with fellow artists and friends. It will be advised by Chus Martìnez. Participating artist will include masters students from Switzerland as well as outside artists.

This seminar proposes to work together in the production of an exhibition. The Kingdom of Fools is a show produced by the participant artists. Every artist produces a work in an area of the show and every region should discover a way to relate to one another. By participating in this project the artists are expected to produce work, to exhibit it but also to collectively discover ways of relating the different work-areas of the show. The project consists, therefore, in inventing an exhibition and rules of performing it.

Students will:
- practice the art of the fool as a technique for researching and generating capacities for play philosophical, creatively and performatively.
- adapt the art of the fool to individual practices and other artistic mediums.
- explore, present and discuss their individual artistic practices and mediums in relation to play.
- conduct and present individual research into one historical example of the use of play in the art context.
- hear guest speakers on the theme of play in the art context.
- prepare, develop and present an exhibit/performance event – The House of Fools, with artistic direction by Dawn Nilo and advisor/mentor Chus Martìnez.


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Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man, by Friedrich Schiller



11. Februar 2015

Es können sich nur Studierende anmelden, welche bereits den 1. Teil im HS 2014/15 besucht haben.