On Intelligence and Art

1. und 3. Semester Master of Arts in Fine Arts



Anmeldefrist bis Freitag, 6. November 2015

Universität / Haute École
FHNW Hochschule f¨r Gestaltung und Kunst Institut Kunst
Filipa Ramos, Chus Martínez
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On Intelligence and Art


This seminar will be a good continuation of the Innocence Symposium in October. The sessions will be conducted by Filipa Ramos and Chus Martínez and will have a scientist as a guest. Filipa Ramos is an expert on animal theory and she has been developing a very interesting research on how artists approach new scientific evidence on animals and how these theories are at the basis of a redefinition of new forms of organization, and a broader aesthetic concept.


The idea of this seminars is to approach feminism, politics, ideas on gender, and even performance under an unusual point of view. The goal is to understand perception and experience under a scope that is radically different from one traditionally represented by art history and art theory.



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