Master Symposium: On Nature, Race and Gender

2. Semester

9. - 11. Mai 2017

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Universität / Haute École
FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Academy of Art and Design
Several guests
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On Nature, Race and Gender

The politics of the contemporary debates around art, culture and research.

This symposium will introduce some critical perspectives on the current political, economical and scientific situations. From the Trump election, to the new interest on activism and nature, we will go through current debates in the arts in order to provide students with a "state-of-the-question". We will have several local, national and international voices in order to provide us with an idea of the questions artists are involved in, on the politics that define what is possible to do as an artists but also as a citizen and on the possibilities to address current antagonism agains religion or race issues.


We will also dedicate time in this seminar to introduce The Current, a project dedicated to produce artistic research on the life of the seas oriented towards the production of research and exhibitions of a newly created Oceans Pavillion at the Venice Biennale. This is of importance since the Institut Kunst will become as for January 17 active partner on it giving students the possibility of applying to fellowships.


The idea of these symposiums is to see the different artistic discourses in a relation with both science but also a further development of a new idea oft he social. How can artist contribute to these discussion, and also what is he attentiveness that we all need to develop in order of further understand how culture contributes to a better society is he goal of this open forum.


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