Pool III - Fundamental Concepts of Aesthetics (E)


Monday, March 5 – Thursday, March 8
10am to 4 pm

Universität / Haute École
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste / MA Fine Arts
Alexander García Düttmann
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Content description

The course will introduce students to fundamental concepts of philosophical aesthetics (such as judgement and creation) on the basis of a discussion of the first part of Kant’s „Critique of Judgement" (topics: judgements of taste and the feeling of life; „lingering": Kant, Freud and Heidegger; the aesthetic state as a revolutionary state of „pure determinability"; the „negative pleasure" of the sublime; participation in art). This discussion will then be extended into a discussion of texts by philosophers who have taken up some of Kant’s thoughts: Nietzsche, Heidegger, Arendt, Adorno, Cavell, Derrida, Lyotard and Deleuze (topics: the abyss of reason, the politics of enthusiasm, beauty in nature and in art, art criticism, the sublime and the avantgarde, the act of creation).

The aim of the course is to help students engage with arguments developed in the philosophy of art, and to do so critically.

The course will include screenings of the films „Les derniers jours de Emmanuel Kant" (Philippe Collin, 1994), Dziga Vertov’s „Enthusiasm" (1931) and Alexander Sokurov’s „Dolce" (2000).



Day 1: Kant

Day 2: Heidegger, Adorno

Day 3: Arendt, Cavell

Day 4: Lyotard, Derrida.Deleuze



Bibliographie / Literatur
- Immanuel Kant, „Critique of Judgement"
- Theodor W. Adorno, „Aesthetic Theory"
- Hannah Arendt, „Kant’s Political Philosophy"
- Stanley Cavell, „Aesthetic Problems of Modern Philosophy"
- Gilles Deleuze, „What is an Act of Creation?" (and extracts
   from his seminars on film)
- Jacques Derrida, „Le colossal"
- Martin Heidegger, „Nietzsche" and „The Principle of Reason"
- Jean-François Lyotard, „The Sublime and the Avantgarde"

regular and active participation, reading, brief presentations