Why make another beautiful thing (dance - drawing - ecology)

Autumn 2019

28.–30. Oct. 2019

(10–14h // 16–18h)

according to study plan
Universität / Haute École
HEAD – Genève, Boulevard Helvétique 9
Beau Bree Rhee
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Content description

Why make another beautiful thing (dance - drawing - ecology) is a 3 day workshop that begins with this prompt as a mode to develop and refine practice. Students should bring existing projects to be transformd by this process of creating new relations and potentialities. This workshop will take the form of a collaborative rehearsal process, resulting in (possibly) a play, a score, an ecology, a collective event.


  • Movement - spatial, bodily, and choreographic processes for haptic observation, perception and making
  • Radical dependency - our conversation and dialogue itself is the basis 
  • Improvisation & Jazz solo/dialogue as philosophy, social and artistic practice
  • Drawing - direct mark and trace making, material form finding, lightweight supports for work 
  • Score making - finding language (visual, text, pictogram, etc) to translate and communicate the immaterial or ephemeral 

Further questions

  • What does it mean to create work within the tensions of our hyper-capitalistic-digitized-climate-emergency-society? 
  • What about beauty, what about the sublime? 
  • What defines creatives practice (thingliness?) now? 
  • What about the immaterial? 
  • What about the body? 

BIO: Beau Bree Rhee is an artist, choreographer and professor at Parsons School of Design.  She exhibits, presents and performs her work internationally - recently at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art/Berlin Biennale; The Kitchen NY; Bard Graduate Center Gallery NY; Kaaitheater Bruxelles; Baryshnikov Arts Center NY; MoMA/PS1 NY; among others. She also guest lectures as a visiting artist, at venues such as the Strand Bookstore (Fulbright Scholars/Think Olio series), ICP/Bard MFA program, and the Swiss MFA Symposium for the Arts. Her work is held in several private collections as well as in the MoMA Library & Research Collection. Rhee's work primarily explores body-space. Drawing and choreography are her main media, while she also creates sculptures, installations, olfactive and textile work (usually to support performative work). Her studio, Atelier de Geste, is based in New York City.


Boulevard Helvétique 9, 1205 Genève

Monday: room S01

Tuesday, Wednesday: roomR07