They Say it is Love. We Say It Is Unwaged Work. A review by 'Wages For Wages Against'

Autumn 2019

28.–30. Oct. 2019

(10am to 5pm)

Universität / Haute École
HEAD – Genève, Boulevard Helvétique 9
Tiphanie Blanc
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Wages For Wages Against (WFWA) is a collective founded in 2017 around a campaign about artists remuneration, value of artistic work and large-scale social criteria for its evaluation. After two years of research-action, we are working on the first issue of the review They say it is love. We say it is unwaged work. to produce tools for consciousness raising among young and established artists, art professionals and beyond. More broadly, the project acts as an agent of change by raising public awareness on issues of society and inclusivity in order to restore the artist a coherent place in the world today.

The will be the opportunity is to include students in a process of reflection and valorization of the work carried out over the last two years by putting in historical and contemporary perspective the actions undertaken in their own context and from their point of view. We will work collectively on this first phase of the review which consists of clarifying the survey tools (interviews/questionnaires), to share references, documents and existing data and to conduct interviews with people locally engaged. The goal is to start the editorial coordination of the review by defining a thematic, preparing a summary, gathering contents and taking contacts. It will be followed by a second week of workshops in the second semester to produce the first issue of the journal.

BIO: Tiphanie Blanc in an art critic, she taught in Geneva Art school - HEAD between 2012 and 2018. Since 2017, she is part of the collective Wages For Wages Against and she regularly takes part in seminars about precarity and cultural labor conditions across Europe (CCS, Paris, Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, Post-Diploma ENSBA Lyon, Erg Brussel, etc). Since 2007, she has curated several exhibitions in institutions such as Hotel Abisso (CAC, Geneva, 2013), Fun Palace, (Center Pompidou, Paris, 2010) or IAO: exploration Exploration of Psychedelia in France (CAPC, Bordeaux, 2008). Between 2010 and 2012 she was in charge of the programming of Forde, a contemporary art space in Geneva. She is working in publishing at different levels, from writing to distribution, and founded in 2013 the curatorial project Oraibi Books, now The Dispersion, a critical thinking bookstore in Geneva.


Boulevard Helvétique 9, 1205 Genève
room 11B