That which Manifests

Autumn 2020

28th to 30th October

The workshop will take place ONLINE on the TEAM platform

Universität / Haute École
Mabe Bethônico
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Through observations, descriptions and representations, this workshop aims at a greater awareness for the living, a sensitive approximation to the world of which we are a part. We envisage getting closer to mineral and floral living matters, to construct from, with and through, for sharing impressions, for manifesting and experimenting vocabularies.

Today we are witnessing a change of anthropological paradigm and we realize, thanks to theorists such as Philippe Descola, Viveiros de Castro, Emanuele Coccia, among others, that it is imperative to get out of the culture-nature dichotomy in order to think of ourselves as part of a single (belonging) world. We will walk, read and watch, narrate, register and construct in a collective process. The three-day meeting may lead to a production of image and text to be translated into graphic forms and slogans to occupy boards, flags, posters or banners for demonstrations against global warming. This may be an artistic contribution, towards a voice parallel to that of protesting against destructive policies. We may manifest proximity, admiration, respect or enchantment to the world we need to live with beyond overheating. The last day of the workshop will be an event as a think-tank for sharing methods, strategies or devices on how we can occupy the public sphere of manifestations to act/ exhibit/ celebrate.


Mabe Bethônico, artist Mabe Bethônico is artist researcher with a MA and PhD in Fine Arts from the Royal College of Art, London. Since 2018 she is artist researcher of the platform Effondrement des Alpes in the Art School of Annecy, a project of the European Union developed between France and Switzerland. She has been Professor in Fine Arts at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (2001-2020), lecturing and giving workshops worldwide. She is presently teaching at Head–Genève. She is currently co-curating the exhibition Gallery of Futures, at Bozar, Brussels. Since 2003, her work has been exhibited extensively, e.g. in 2012 at Centro Cultural São Paulo, in collaboration with Anselm Jappe, in La Revanche de L'Archive Photographique, Centre de Photographie, Geneva, 2010; Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan, Puerto Rico 2009; the 27th and 28ª Biennial of São Paulo; Encuentro Internacional de Medellin, Práticas Artísticas Contemporâneas, Museo de Antioquia, 2007; Subversiones Diarias - MALBA, Buenos Aires; Panorama da Arte Brasileira, MAM Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, and the Art Museum of Pampulha, 2005; Telling Histories, Kunstverein Muenchen, Munich, 2003. []


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Maximum number of participants: 18