Sounds of deconfinement – sound workshop with Christophe Fellay

Autumn 2020


Théâtre les Halles, Sierre

Universität / Haute École
Christophe Fellay
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The sound symposium will focus on a selection of sound recordings that were made during the period of the deconfinement. How can these recordings be put at work and what can they tell us about the environmental changes during these four weeks? Experimentation with sound and the above mentioned recordings will be at the core of the seminar which will take place at the TLH – Theatre les Halles in Sierre.


Christophe Fellay / sound artist, musician, composer and performer

Conducts the sound workshop and the sound symposium. He has composed music for orchestras, string ensembles, string quartet, chamber orchestras, jazz ensembles and solo instruments. He made several interdisciplinary works as well as sound installation and performances. His own artistic area focuses on acoustics, architecture and interaction between human and machines. His work has been performed internationally in London, Edinburgh, Paris, Montreux, Copenhagen, Zürich, Geneva, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Santa Fé, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Windhoek. Christophe has a Master degree of Art in Music obtained at the Montreux Conservatory, Jazz Department and has recently finished his PhD in music and performance at the Brunel University London. He gave lectures, seminars and masterclasses at Brunel University, London, Edinburgh University and Tswanee University Pretoria among others. Christophe teaches in the BA and at MAPS and is a researcher at édhéa.


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