White Paper on The Abolition of Tunnels


Monday 31.10 / Tuesday 01.11 / Wednesday 02.11

Every day from 10:00-17:00, with a lunch break from 13:00-14:00.

HEAD Batiment A
2, Route des Franchises 1203 Genève

Meet on Monday 31.10 at 10:00, salle S. 22 (sous-sol, couloir de droite)

Universität / Haute École
HEAD – Genève (Work.Master)
Gary Farrelly
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Content description

The workshop with Gary Farrelly (see Office for joint Administrative Intelligence) encompasses city walking as a research methodology in artistic practice with a focus on local pedestrian tunnels. Over three days we'll explore the tunnels and undertake to upload them into individual and collaborative artistic works. We will encounter the hard-boiled architecture of the tunnels and endeavour a decoding of the space through material and performative protocols. We'll work through the imaginaries of deviance, neglect and danger and with which tunnel infrastructures have been impugned. We'll spend time physically making (drawing, sound recording, filming,) both on site in the tunnels and in the studio back at HEAD (if necessary). The workshop culminates with a with a moment of cultural assembly and presentation on site.

Monday 31.10 / 10:00 on the 4th floor of the blue building, 2, Route des Franchises.
White Paper on The Abolition of Tunnels artist talk (Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence)

Student intros lunch

First walking exercise (silent walking/ coercive walking) Site visits to tunnels
Listening exercises in tunnels
Recording exercises in tunnels

MAIN ELEMENT- field work (making on site -brief not yet defined)

Tuesday 01.11
Second walking exercise (political walking)
field work in tunnels (displaying)/ bringing existing work on site to a tunnel)
MAIN ELEMENT- field work (making on site -brief not yet defined)

Wednesday 02.11
Third walking exercise (paranoid research methodology)
MAIN ELEMENT- field work (making on site -brief not yet defined) A semipublic presentation/ cultural assembly in tunnel
A drink in a tunnel?


Deadline to sign up: 03 Oct 2022

Cet workshop Pool-CH se déroulera en anglais (mais le tuteur parle français aussi) / This Pool-CH workshop will be held in English (but the tutor speaks French too).