Infrathin Analogy

Fall Semester 2016

Monday 14 November             10h00 - 17h00

Tuesday 15 November             09h00 – 17h00

Wednesday 16 November       09h00 - 17h00

Thursday 17 November           09h00 - 17h00


3 (or 6)
Universität / Haute École
ECAL/Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne
Emanuel Rossetti
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Content description

How can the exhibition, when understood as a medium become a place for non-linearity? How can art production go beyond the transitivity of the given and the intervention?

Through Marcel Duchamp’s 46 notes on infra-thin describing the infinitely small space diverting material presences from each other, thoughts on the catacombs of Paris as well as other spaces of collapse, the workshop aims to look for possible transitory moments and other entries and exits.


Emanuel Rossetti is an artist based in Basel. He graduated with a BFA in photography from the Zurich University of the Arts in 2011. His most recent exhibition project Galerie Putsch took place at the Geneva art space Marbriers 4. His most comprehensive solo exhibition Delay Dust was on view at Kunsthalle Bern in 2014. Previous solo, duo and trio exhibitions include Karma International, Los Angeles (2015); The Modern Institute, Glasgow (2014); The Power Station, Dallas (2013); and Burning Bridges, New York (2010). Emanuel Rossetti co-ran the exhibition spaces New Jerseyy in Basel (2008-2013), AP News in Zurich (2011-2013), and OLSO10 in Basel (2013-2015).



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