Blood, Sweat & Code [E]

1 and 3

nov 30th to dec 4th.

common pool.CH-week. in english (and french & german if necessary)

Universität / Haute École
Manuel Schmalstieg and Guy van Belle
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Content description

The aim of this workshop is to give participants the tools and knowledge that will allow them to create their own digital artifacts in the worldwide network that has permeated our reality since 1990 (or was it 1969?)

After setting up domains and server space for all participants, we will run through a dense but playful introduction into the cryptic world of coding, where we will meet text editors from outer space, get acquainted with hyper text transfer protocols and jump into cascades of styled sheets.

Those work sessions will be accompanied by interludes, where we will share fascinating insights about prehistory, retro glitch esthetics, browser wars, web 1.0 survivalism, prank stardom and hoax culture, and discuss the heritage of 30+ years of psychedelic computing.

If the logistics permit, we will also perform a field trip to the European Organization for Nuclear Research to see the computer that gave birth to the WWW.


given by Manuel Schmaltieg and Guy van Belle.

Workshop language: English

Manuel Schmalstieg operates on the borderline between video, performance and software art.

Guy van Belle aka Givan Bela has been involved in experimental media art in its many different forms since 1990.