Imaging Technologies Past vs Future - Image Production



first meeting: monfay feb. 28th, 3:00 pm at Boulevard helvétique 9, Geneva, first floor.

The detailed schedule of the workshop will be announced then.
march 1st visit of UNOSAT working with video and photo and reproductions   
march 2nd one part of group works on editing second part makes more video of everyday  eventually visit at CERN sitesecond group works on edit video and material for gallery presentation
march 3rd video editing and installation
march 4th march morning last detail installation and opening

Universität / Haute École
HEAD Genève work.master
Armin Linke
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The seminar led by Armin Linke "Imaging Technologies Past vs Future - Image Production" deals with digital images considered as data-collection. Non lens-based optical procedures are in the centre of this research: infrared and sonar technologies which create not only 2-dimesional but also 3-dimensional time-based images.Images done by drones, satellites or endoscopes create new pictures from until now impossible views. They also have at the same time a specific relation of time and space. What changes in terms of perception of space and our image of the world? What are the anthropological consequences of these new picture operations?


Collaboration with hfg Karlsruhe.