Spectatorship is such a drag (E)


31. october, 1 and 2 november 2011


Universität / Haute École
HEAD Genève work.master
Simone Schardt
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Content description

Content description


In preparation for the workmaster symposium from 14th to 16th November 2011, the three day-workshop will consider notions of spectatorship within the visual field. It will address questions like: 

– How we are addressed by particular image productions? How are we addressed as subjects?

– What kind of gender specific strategies are at work? How are these gendered roles functionalized within advanced neoliberalism? 


– How are our subjectivities as spectators and producers constituted within institutional frameworks?


Alongside re-reading found materials and images, films, and texts specifically related to these questions, the workshop will traverse gender studies, feminist film theory, psychoanalysis, and post_colonial studies. Among others, we will reconsider terms like institutional critique/institutions of critique, subjugated knowledge, genealogies, gouvernementality from the vantage point of the critical production of knowledge.


Simone Schardt, artist and author based in Zurich and Berlin, works on modes of de-subjectivation in relation to orders of knowledge. Her work not only refers to the formations of subjectivity but also aims to disfigure and traverse them. Rather than conveying meaning, the interpretive order obtained from this procedure identifies a leap between the signs in the production of connections between the linguistic and the visual.




- The workshop will be in english and german, translation in further languages is part of its content. 


- Important: Please sign up in advance, further material for preparation will be distributed to you before the workshop starts.