The Remake of the Apocalypse (E)


march 5th - 9th, in English

room 33A 3.floor rue Général Dufour, Genève

Universität / Haute École
HEAD Genève, work.master
Christoph Draeger
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2012- according to the Mayan calendar and many self-declared prophets, this is the final year of our planet.

Hollywood's Roland Emmerich predicted it all with his end-of-the-world trilogy: Independence Day (1996), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and 2012 (2009). However silly and idiotic these films- and predictions - may strike us, they are still able to absorb a good deal of attention, and they function nicely as entertainment proxies for the more serious threats the planet is facing-economic meltdown, climate change, the undeniable increase of natural disasters…

We live in a world that is not only defined but also fragmented by a never-ending flow of information delivered by the media. Thanks to the now almost exclusively digital delivery, we have highly sophisticated instruments to record, duplicate and save-guard more information on our hard drives than we can ever hope to psychologically process. The world-views each of our consciousness is scrambling to synthesize from such an information flow - were they visible images – would probably have to resemble incredibly complex, n-dimensional dadaist collages… 

But - so what shall we do with these incredible treasures, these mountains of dirt? One approach could be to pose ourselves questions about the subjective relativity of all things, how images and information relate to our own life. 

I propose a workshop on art and media, investigating the relation of construction, destruction and reconstruction in image production. Research, collecting and finally focussing on an individual project will be important steps in the course.



max 15 participants.

room 33A 3.floor rue Général Dufour, Genève