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Monday, March 5 — Thursday, March 8

Start: Monday, 10am at bd helvétique 9

in English

Universität / Haute École
HEAD - Genève, Orientation WORK.MASTER
Stefan Wagner & Urs Lehni
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Graphic-Designer Urs Lehni and art historian/curator Stefan Wagner from “Corner College Zürich” invite you for a three and a half days collaborative publishing/exhibiting project. Groups of 3 or 4 students will do research in the city of Geneva, each at their specific point of interest. These points can include people (of all ages), architecture (of all centuries), fashion (of all tastes), design (and it’s opposites), cars (slow ones, fast ones), squares (even round ones), dogs, cats, cashiers, windows, doors, etc.
After having chosen a specific point of interest, each group will develop a publication exlusively tailored for this place — a publication which could not exist without this place. In one way or another, the publication will also have to be shown (to be exhibited) at this place. In that sense, the project focuses on the ambivalence of publishing and exhibiting, especially the transformation and exchange of both formats including collaborative practices. At the end of the project we will hold in our hands a publication that was produced — in parts — by the whole group (maximum 12 students). The form of this “publication as an exhibition” has to be defined by the collaborators in discussions.
Stefan and Urs received an invitation from “Galerie J” to propose artists for showing work. As the date proposed (March 7) coincidentally collides with the dates of the workshop, we proposed you, our unknown group of students! So participators of our workshop will also have come up with ideas for showing work at “Galerie J”, the forms of this can be discussed on our first meeting. The gallery has signaled interests in hosting a kind of performance or intervention during the time of the show (March 7 until April 4). So the whole project can extend after the end of the workshop at HEAD. Corner College can also act as an exhibition/performance hub.
Urs and Stefan are very interested in collaborating with students that appreciate self-organization and engagement — which can be named as a main mode of practice of “Corner College” as space for open and experimental formats. Since the workshop and its goals are challenging in time, conception and realisation, we need a brief e-mail in advance explaining your motivation to join the workshop. If there are to many applicants Urs and Stefan will have to decide which students can join. Applications should be sent in by February 29 (at the latest!) to stefan.h.wagner*at*
Merci! Danke! Grazie! Thank you!



max 12 participants

HEAD - Genève

9, Boulevard Helvétique

Salle 11, 1er étage.