Non-fictional Performance: Improvisation and Happening, Moving and Speaking


du 6 au 9 mars 2012

(3 jours et demi)

Universität / Haute École
HEAD - Genève, Orientation WORK.MASTER
Jeremiah Day
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Public acts and speech have a performative aspect.  Performance, from the Greeks to Brecht to our own time, has often had a didactic aspect.  Additionally, there is the rise of  the genre of the "lecture performance," and the so-called "educational turn" in which academic forms are increasingly at home in the context of art and culture.  Can modes of art be made with our bodies and words that are different from traditional theater, as Allan Kaprow suggested in his phrase "non-theatrical performance"? 

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In this three-and-a-half day workshop, Jeremiah Day will draw upon his own work and invite participants to explore some of these modes through a combination of discussion and practical experimentation, including making short pieces together that draw upon individual research as well as new strategies introduced in the workshop.  The workshop will have a strong focus on movement-speaking improvisation, and participants should come prepared to crawl, roll, run and move around.

The workshop will include lectures about historic practices such as Simone Forti's 'News Animation' performances and their background in minimalism, and Allan Kaprow's work.  The theoretical background for the connection between storytelling, teaching and politics will be elaborated through the example of Hannah Arendt's "web of human relationships."