Stubborn Materiality

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catch up (rattrapage) Pool-CH this week from Wednesday 14.12. to Friday 16.12. from 10 am to 5 pm

Universität / Haute École
Work.Master HEAD–Geneva
Dunja Herzog
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Special Pool-CH with artist Dunja Herzog

We have a last minute but special announcement for you. We know it is already a busy week, BUT it is also a great opportunity for those who were not able to follow a pool CH program, or for those who would like to already have the "pool ch" credits for next year.And above all, it is of course a good opportunity and to meet her!Dunja Herzog will do a Pool-CH program open to every work.master students, from the 14th to the 16th of december. Read carefully:
The workshop will deal with the stubborn materiality of objects, bodies and spaces. To take everyday life objects and feelings, that are in a strange way irritating, out of their usual context. To disassemble them, to experiment with them and to put them together anew so that new connections are established. Investigate the inherent stories of materials and objects, so that they can be used for one's own spatial narrations.

Dunja Herzog:

I was sitting on a bench in a train station, waiting. Bored, I stared in front of me, when a crow hopped into my field of vision, picked up a little black something, and then took off to a small platform. The platform became big, the black thing became a rock, and the train station a world apart. I began to walk, the air thick of humid heat. Far away old sounds pulsating. My body began to morph. Outer cells began to rotate inwardly and intestine feelings pushed outwards. My brain structure reconfigured in response to the landscape. I could almost hear my neuronal meshes expanding and looping like tropical vines and my tissues adjusting to the texture of mud. Transforming the distant rhythms unveiled the sense of breathing. Then a terrifying roar occurred, and bewildered I saw the train arriving. I took my bag, entered, sat down and exhaled.

Dunja Herzog uses 'objets trouvé', that she re-contextualises or combines with other ready-mades, thereby creating alien environments. She was born in 1976 and currently lives and works between Berlin and Basel.



Boulevard helvétique 9, 1205 Genève; room S02