Bodily Skills – Performance Skills: «Care – Considering Time I» Performance Art & Health Care

Autumn semester 2022

7 – 11 November 2022

10h00 – 17h00

HKB location PROGR studio 369, 3rd floor, Speichergasse 4, 3011 Bern,

German / English

Universität / Haute École
Hochschule der Künste Bern
Valerian Maly and Julia Wolf with guests
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«Care – Considering Time I»
Performance Art & Health Care

During two weeks, this inter-departmental module will bring together Performance Art, as an "art of (real) action", and Health Care. The two modules Bodily Skills – Performance Skills and Performance Space – Performance Stage (see page 31) can be booked separately or together.

In the fall semester 22, BFH students from both MA CAP / Performance Art and MA Health Care will meet to exchange and experience mutual knowledge and experiences:
What exactly does it mean to care for someone or something in a particular setting? What ethical-practicing attitude is possible or can develop under the conditions of proximity and time? The module is about nothing less than thinking together closeness and time under the sign of care (fulness). While in the first week "Bodily Skills - Performance Skills" the focus is especially on body - space - time, insights and explorations into different body practices are given and explored, the second week "Performance Space - Performance Stage" is about the actual places of action, such as public space (e.g. Exploration of the action space of the city of Bern), as well as settings in the "white cubes" of the gallery or museum space, the settings in the "black box" of the theater, or the clinic rooms, receptions, treatment rooms, or even the home as a place of treatment.
On the assumption that similar phenomena - such as situation-specific action in dealing with "dislocated forces" (the title of a work by Kurt Schwitters from 1920, which is now in the collection of the Kunstmuseum Bern), perception of non-normed time-space and space-time or the expansion of the body ("expanded body" in media art, prosthetics in the medical-nursing fields) - have commonalities in the practice of both fields, these two parts of the module want to test and offer an extension of Performance Art and Health Care; Practised "Carefulness".

Health care and performance art, as "art of (real) action" (not to be confused with "performing arts" / keyword "hospital clown" / actors as test persons, etc.), are action-related fields that have many similarities in dealing with questions of spatial and emotional presence, physicality and closeness - in short "closeness" - but have not yet been decidedly brought together and thought about in this way. The profound knowledge of body, space, time and spectatorship in both fields, performance art and health care, can be made fruitful in mutual interpenetration and make the topic of "Considering Time" explorable in the intersection of both fields.

Guest lecturers (not yet confirmed):
Natascha Moschini, Performance Artist:

Mélanie Gobet, Performance Artist:

Murat Mevlana Temel, writer and performance artist:

Vincent Barras, medical historian and performance artist:

Gavin Krastin & Dr. Alan Parker (ZA):

Dr. Minou Afzali, lecturer / coordinator of the interdisciplinary working group Health Care Communication
Design HCCD:

Dr. Heidi Kaspar, Co-Director Competence Centre Participatory Health Care:

Sandra Figlioli Hofstetter, MSc Psychologie und MAS Psychotherapie:

Dr. Eva Soom Ammann, Head of Innovation Field Psycho-Social Health, aR&D Nursing: