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Christoph Keller
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Christoph Keller :
vit et travaille à Berlin. A fait des études de mathématiques, de physique et d’hydrologie à Freiburg, Berlin et Santiago de Chili. Etudes d’art à la HdK de Berlin, puis Postgraduate studies film and art at the Media-Art Accademy in Cologne.
De nombreux projets croisant des expériences scientifiques avec des réalisations artistiques. Son Workshop sera basé sur sa pratique artistique.

Descriptif de qq projets :

cloudbuster - project
 Reenactment of the scientific experiments of Wilhelm Reich from 1953–54 to influence the atmosphere by the means of Orgone energy.
The reenactments of the Cloudbuster experiments first took place on the roof of P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in Long Island City and on the top of the Clock tower in lower Manhattan, New York. These actions were based on the invention of Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian born psychologist and early scholar of Sigmund Freud who began experimentation with making changes to the atmosphere in 1952. The Cloudbuster has a simple mechanical structure, consisting of a few rows of conductive metal pipes that are connected with hoses to a source of flowing water. A spacer made of organic material insulates each one of these metal conductors.

From the dawning of film history until the dismantling of its own Film Institute, the Berlin Charité hospital produced approximately 1000 educational medical films, expository films and experimental science films. There is no film history of the Charité itself. There are scraps: fragments in the form of notes, articles a few photos and a number of films that have remained. How can one tell a story that does not exist, that appears only intermittently in a context of images and documents full of gaps?


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