LaRadioSiamoNoi (E)


21 feb. (afternoon, 14h - 17h30)

5./6./7. march (start at 10:00) at Boulevard helvétique 9, Genève

Universität / Haute École
HEAD Genève work.master
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The aim of the Pool-CH is to inform ourselves on main questions and to develop concepts and ideas for the event LaRadioSiamoNoi, at LiveInYourHead, Geneva during mai '12.
LaRadioSiamoNoi will provide a platform for an exchange on self-organised media, media-activism, radio-magic and related artistic practices during and around the 1970s in Italy, and a reflexion on the impact and the aftermath of this set of innovative concepts today. Which are the possibilities to integrate and harness the good energy of these movements and projects – which ideas, which concepts are worth transferring into the actual discourse? What is the role of self-organisation and self-teaching in the field of free radio-making and related cultural practices in a completely different, but still difficult political and cultural context? What does it mean in a situation in which culture has become one of the most prestigious forms of consumption and social activities can be translated into financial figures, where «Friendship» suddenly becomes an information that can be sold?
Although the situation has deeply changed, and the boundaries between consumption, information, cognition and communication have even more been blurred, there are reasons to look back to this scene, that showed a a high level of critical consciousness with explicit and well articulated discourses. The structures collapsed in the meantime and also the weaknesses of some of these projects and concepts emerge nowadays, but this specific situation led to a unique interlacing of design, media, arts and critical culture. Can we escape the recuperation of experimental strategies from that period, but voided of any contestatory dimension and with the implicit resurgence of a mode of signification, a sympathy for «progressive» form without critical stakes? How to ensure that the symptoms of this disengagement are recognized and what are possible counter-models? Events and shows will feature a wide variety of artists, writers, radio-activists, musicians, self-publishers. Speakers and participants include Lars Bang Larsen, Francesco Bernardelli, Federico Campagna, Alfredo Cramerotti, Federica Martini, Willem van Weelden among others.
An open, free learning and exchange space, a teach-in laboratory will be part of the project, permitting self-organized learning together with some of the invited guests. This structure will stay open to everyone who is interested in these questions, without fees, and rendering possible learning in the means of the process of sharing and disseminating knowledge in multiple flows on different levels.



First meeting on feb 21th! (afternoon)

second part: march 5/6/7th (all in English)


Tuesday 21 Feb 14:00 − 17:30 

Preparatory meeting 1


Participants/contributors :

Lars Bang Larsen

Francesco Bernardelli

Jonathan Frigieri (to be confirmed)

Ceel Mogami de Haas

Federica Martini

Laurent Schmid

Work.Master students


This first meeting could be focussed on radio-stations related to Autonomia, (Onda Rossa, Radio Città Futura/Roma, Radio Alice/Bologna, Controradio/Firenze…), parallel (Zona Radio…) and later initiatives. What was their relationship to artists, to artistic practices? And a quite specific point to this scene: the connections on the intellectual level, the influence of the different movements on the media practice / the radio-making.



Aim of the 2 first meetings (21 feb and 5/6/7 march):


sharing knowledge/ideas

exchanging personal experiences

proposing contacts (persons, institutions)

providing related material / infos on archives...


and also:


discussing aims, general orientation, re-shaping the open questions

discussing content and context

fixing form, methodologies

defining different platforms, 

pragmatic questions:  contributions of invited guests, and: responsibilities, working groups...





March 5-6-7, 2012

Preparatory meeting 2


Participants/contributors :

Federico Campagna (if not possible to come: via skype)

Alfredo Cramerotti

Jonathan Frigieri

Samuel Gross

Ceel Mogami de Haas

Laurent Schmid

Willem Van Weelden [and ev. Audrey Samson, Marjolijn Ruyg]

Work.Master students

Rietved/DogTime students


Focus: Exchange on the post media ideas of F. Guattari,  Franco Bifo Berardi & media (Radio Alice and later projects), music & sound art of that period, making radio…